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The Black Wamp

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«The Wamp» is our wooden music amplifier made up so that the sound from your device can be naturally amplified in a clearer and especially more pleasant way.

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A design with a retro and modern look made of a single piece of solid noble wood. You can choose between beech, mahogany or ash wood according to your taste. Nature, innovation and craftmanship combined together resulted in this unique experience. No electronic parts or batteries have been inserted into the amplifier, no Bluetooth connection is required and it is especially easy to use. This is what makes our product unique, sustainable and ecological
Handcrafted to hold your smartphone and amplify music without any cable attached

This wooden amplifier:

– Amplifies the volume (about +15% more)
– Redirects to the 4 outputs for a more concentrated and less lost sound in all directions

It can be used as a phone holder since it offers a stable and comfortable viewing to watch videos or any other form of communication with the device. This amplifier is ideal for travelers, at home but also as an amplifier or dock to place on your phones at the office. No piece resembles another, each one is unique and has its own wood grain and its character.

Note: The amplifier works only for the design of mobile phone speakers at the bottom, but as a support for all.

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