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The Red Beech WagBag


« The Wag Bag » is carefully made from a single piece of wood. A durable, high-quality handmade bag adding to it a beautiful selection of tanned leather.

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The work on this creation was carried out on 2 main points:

  • Design identity
  • Finishing details

Made from a single piece of wood, this edition is available in 3 leather colors and 2 wood options offering more choice to our customers. The stitching is now present on the edges of the leather flap as well as on the shoulder strap for a more neat look. Finally the interior of the bag was re-imagined by introducing a leather lining with a small pocket to hold cards. The wooden bag opens and closes with a flap and two buttons attached to the box.

With its authentic look and retro-modern design, «The Wag Bag Restyled» can be worn easily any time any where. The length of the leather shoulder strap is adjustable according to your taste.

Note: Note that for products processed with wood, characteristics such as grains and colour may vary slightly from one item to another.

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