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The Red Beech Worganizer


“The Worganizer” is the leather and wood platform that adds an organizational touch to your office. It has been designed to bring together the office accessories that are dear to you at your fingertips while serving as an elegant support for your business cards as well.

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This is the Worganizer, the desk accessory we chose to build to complete your office set. While designing this object, we focused on the idea of grouping two functionalities into a single desktop accessory:

– Storing pens, scissors and other office accessories.
– Serves as a business card display station.

A single piece of wood was used to make “The Worganizor” and a carefully hand-sewn leather cylinder to add character to the item.

Note: Note that for products processed with wood, characteristics such as grains and colour may vary slightly from one item to another.

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